In a recent posting on its website, Caravan & Motorhome on Tour’s Editor stated

“We recently undertook a weigh-in test and I was absolutely flabbergasted that 7 out of the 10 vans tested, were dangerously overweight and had that weight incorrectly distributed through out the van. Now you might find this as equally horrifying, but five of the seven didn’t know what proper weight distribution was, or the safety implications surrounding it. That’s when it hit me. We’re seeing a lot more accidents involving caravans recently – a huge surge even. More vans on the road means more accidents. But when you can hitch up 3 tonnes of caravan behind you without any kind of licence or qualifying test – how are these people supposed to be aware of the implications surrounding weight distribution? I reckon that in all these dash cam clips of caravans spontaneously jack-knifing before going into a roll, improper weight management and distribution could be a massive contributing factor. And it’s not through stupidity – like our friends at the weigh-in, so many people out there just don’t  consider it.”