This fuel cells for caravans update advises the Truma VeGA fuel cell is no more. Whilst finally working superbly, its plus 9000 Euros sadly proved too high. The company ceased production. Those sold (from mid 2012) will continue to be supported by Truma. The company also advised it has stopped all further work in the fuel cell area.


Truma vega 2014The Truma VeGA fuel cell. Pic: Truma.

The VeGA unit had a chequered history. It was initially announced in 2006 with deliveries expected the following year. This was revised annually. After major development problems it eventually surfaced in late 2102.  Despite massively subsidising sales, the lack of demand, plus rising component costs caused the product to be dropped. The overall loss is unknown but must have been huge.

The unit could not be sold in Australia because it did not fit into any known regulatory category. Had it done so it may just have succeeded. Its price was not absurdly higher than the methanol-powered EFOY product (in Europe at least). Its LP gas fuel was far cheaper. (The unit reliably produced about 28 kWh per 9 kg of LP gas.)

It is sad to see its demise. Its 25 amps at 12 volts would have made a great back-up (for solar) power supply for most caravans and motorhomes.